Welcome the The Lean Plate Club®!

Welcome to The Lean Plate Club®! This is a virtual club: There are no meetings.

No dues. No demands. All that is required is a desire for better ways to eat smart and move more. If along the way, you’d like to share some of what you’ve learned with the rest of us, all the better.

In case you are wondering, The Lean Plate Club® originated in The Washington Post in 2001. The newspaper column appeared there weekly from 2001-2008, when like many other seasoned reporters, I took a buyout. Along the way it was also syndicated by The Washington Post Writers Group to about six million readers coast to coast. A weekly email newsletter had nearly 300,000 subscribers throughout the globe and I hosted an online weekly Web chat.

These days The Lean Plate Club® resides on its own Website, which you have already found. You can also hear me give weekly news updates on WTOP—the popular all news radio station in Washington, DC.

So what’s ahead?

  • 1 Sign up for the soon to be re-launched Lean Plate Club® free email newsletter, where you’ll get news, recipes, food finds, tools, tips and other resources.
  • 2 Email me. I love getting messages from Lean Plate Club® members. I read every message and respond personally to as many as time permits. Your messages often give me ideas for future columns and upcoming email newsletters. If I use your tip, I’ll be happy to send you a free Lean Plate Club® t-shirt or a free cloth grocery bag. Your choice.
  • 3 Look for Lean Plate Club® e-books soon to be available on-line.
  • 4 Connect with me and LPC® members on FB, Twitter and Instagram.
  • 5 Share your tips, ideas, recipes on the LPC® social media channels. The more smart ideas, the better for all of us!