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Getting Paid to Work Out


Sometimes motivation is needed. So if you’re having trouble finding time to fit in physical activity, perhaps sweetening the pot with some financial incentives might help. I talked with WTOP’s Bruce Alan and Deb Feinstein about how to stay on your fitness track despite the weather –we taped this when it was cold outside– or when you just don’t feel like moving.

Among the tips shared: apps that give you new motivation to work out because some of them pay you to exercise, others benefit charities, including:

    • Balance Rewards from Walgreens, which enables you to earn money off future purchases when you exercise



    • PACT can be used to workout or to make a commitment to do something else healthy like eating more healthfully. Financial rewards come from members who didn’t meet their goals.


  • Achievement is a free app that pays you to work out. (Yes, you read that correctly.) It also connects with a whole list of popular apps that you may use already including MapMyFitness, Apple Health and Fitbit. Achievement has already paid $500,000 to people who meet their goals. Just be aware that your fitness and health information is collected as part of the deal.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving! My favorite canine coach is calling.

Got a a favorite exercise app? I’d love to learn about it. Email me at I read every email sent and respond to as many personally as time allows.

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